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Everything You Need to Know About Cake Boxes / Bakery Boxes

Whether you are taking a cake or cupcakes that you made for a birthday, wedding, or another type of special occasion, it probably did not take long to realize that cake boxes are an absolute necessity to have on hand so you can do your delivery without running into any issues.


Cakes are pretty slippery and can easily slip and get damaged or have all of the icing get messed up if they are not stored properly. In order to transport all of your baked goods and pastries in a way that ensures they get where they are supposed to go safely, you need to have the proper cupcake and cake boxes to get the job done right!


Despite what you may think, cake and bakery boxes are not a one size fits all box. There are so many different types of cake boxes; some made out of cardboard while others are plastic, some for large many-tiered wedding cakes, others for long sheet cakes.


Below is a guide to everything you need to know about cake and cupcake boxes so you are always prepared!

Cardboard cake boxes

Cardboard cake boxes should be a staple, you should never be caught without a couple of cardboard sizes in each size. They come in a huge variety of sizes and colors meaning that they can accommodate just about any different cake, cupcake, or other baked goods that you bake.


Boxes can be large enough to fit cakes that are as large as 26 inches long an 18 inches wide, quarter sheet cakes, sheet cakes that are several layers tall, and everything in between. Some cardboard boxes have a lid that has a clear top so that you can look through and see the product making sure it is staying in place and there are no issues during transport. 


One important thing that you should remember before putting the cake into the cardboard box is to put the cake onto a cake board before placing it into the box. This will give you a clean cutting surface so you can easily cut slices off of the cake and not have to worry about damaging the box underneath.


The cake board also adds some extra strength and stability to the bottom of the box so that the weight of the cakes does not bend the bottom of the box...or even worse, cause it to break all the way through!

1-piece or 2-piece cardboard designs

Cake boxes come in either a single piece or in 2 pieces.


The 2-piece designs allow you to completely take the lid off and create easy access to the product whether that be a cake, cupcakes, or another type of baked goods. 

The 1-piece design is also a popular cardboard box choice. This is the ideal box for a setting where you will be opening the box and closing it again almost immediately.


Both the 1 and 2 piece styles can come with or without a window on the lid.


Most people choose to get the boxes with the window so that they can decide on which pastry or baked goods that they want without having to open the box so that whatever is in the box stays fresh for longer. 

Plastic cake boxes

Once you complete a cake and you love how it turned out, you will probably take great pride in your work, or at least you should!


You have worked hard to hone in on your craft and perfect your decorating skills, so you should absolutely take every opportunity you have to show off what you can do to as many people as possible. Plastic cake boxes are a great way to show off your hard work and brag on yourself a little bit.

Using plastic cake containers or plastic cake take out boxes allows you to show off your cakes effortlessly while also making it easy for you to carry the cakes with you to wherever the destination of the cake is. 

You can get plastic cake containers for round cakes, square, rectangle cakes, and semi-circle cakes. These plastic containers have a sturdy textured bottom that keeps your cake from falling as well as keeping it from moving around on the board and messing up the decorations that you worked so hard on. 

Just as you use cake boards with a cardboard cake box, it is equally as important to use a cake board with these containers. Though the bottom of the plastic cake box is more sturdy than its cardboard brother, it is still susceptible to bending and using a cake board helps to add in some extra sturdiness as well as providing you with a clean cutting surface and helps to protect the container from getting cut when you start cutting out slices for everyone. 

Plastic cake boxes are a two-piece design. They come with a clear lid that is designed to securely snap into the bottom that they go with. The secure snap creates an airtight seal that will help to keep your baked goods tasting fresh even after several days.


Plastic cake boxes are the perfect tool to use to display your cakes while also ensuring that they taste great from the time they are finished in your kitchen until the time that you get to dig in to eat it!

Pie boxes

Let's suppose that cakes and cupcakes really are not your forte, or that you are known for your amazing pies that people can't keep their hands out of.


Plastic pie containers are the best option to display, carry, and serve your amazing pies.


You can get these plastic pie containers that are large enough for an entire pie and small ones that are designed to carry just one slice at a time, and containers that separate each slice so that you can put multiple flavors in one container so everyone can have their favorites!

Cupcake boxes and muffin boxes

As mentioned above, you can certainly use a traditional cake box to put your cakes and muffins in and take them with you.


The only flaw with this is that cupcakes and muffins have a tendency to slide around in the box and can easily tip over. It is often better to go for a box made specifically for cupcakes and muffins.


There are durable plastic or cardboard containers that have options for regular-sized cupcakes as well as mini-sized cupcakes and muffins. You can also choose from different options for how many the box will hold. You can choose boxes that hold anywhere from 1-12 items at a time. 

Most of these boxes are a 1-piece design. The lid opens on a hinge then closes and creates an air-tight seal so that the freshness of the pastries is preserved. Each spot has a clear high-dome so that you can clearly see the product and provides plenty of space for as much icing and sprinkles as you could want on your pastry. 

Why should you get a cake box?

A cake box is going to protect your finished product!


Once you finish baking and decorating your cake, all that is left is to transport the cake or the cupcakes to the final destination.


Using just a plate or a Tupperware box will allow your baked good to slip and slide or get squished and you'll end up ruining what you worked so hard on.


You need a cake box to ensure that you can transport your baked goods and it will get there intact and look as delicious and beautiful as it did when you finished it in your kitchen.

Cake box size guide

Now that you know what cake boxes are and why you need them, the next question is what size boxes you should get. Here is what you need to know about box sizes: 

- You should typically get a cake box that is about 2 inches bigger than the cake itself. 

For example: 

  • a 6-inch round cake should be put in an 8-inch cake box

  • 10-inch box for an 8-inch cake

  • 14-inch box for a 12-inch cake

  • 2-inch and 5-inch tall pie boxes for pies and cookies

  • 19x14-inch and 26x18-inch boxes for sheet cakes

For several tier cakes, simply tape the lid loosely closed if that fits, or do not put the lid on at all until people eat a few tiers and they fit in a box. You can also use a cake box extender. 

There are no absolute rules. Sometimes a 10" cake fits a 10" cake box 

Cake Box Size Chart

Check out this simple Cake Box Size Chart to understand what cake box size to use. It will also show how many servings you'll get from different cake sizes.

How to fold a bakery box

  1. Fold the horizontal creases.

  2. Fold all the side creases.

  3. Fold up the bottom and interlock the side flaps.

  4. Fold lip flaps into sides to close.

  5. You're done and your bakery box is assembled.

Check out this video: How to fold a bakery box