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Advantages to having an in store bakery

Have you always dreamed of having your own business and being your own boss? Are people always complimenting you on how tasty and downright beautiful your baked goods are? Do you feel the happiest when you are in your kitchen making cakes, loaves of bread, and other pastries for the people in your life?

If this is you then it may be time to consider starting your own baking business. This is a perfect way to combine the things that you are talented at and be able to earn a living while you do it.

advantages of bakery

Starting a bakery is one of the easiest types of storefront businesses to start as it is an idea that the locals in your area will get excited about and support in an instant.

Everyone loves the smell and the taste of warm fresh bread, they love to see cookies and cupcakes in a display case, and they will fawn to get to you if they know you will deliver beautiful quality products every time they order from you.

If this venture sounds like a big dream or a lot to take on, then you could be wondering what are the advantages to having an in store bakery.

Below is a guide of everything you could get out of starting your own bakery on top of the feelings you get from following your passion.

1.) Loyal customers are easy to come by

If you open your bakery and it looks warm and inviting, people are very likely to come in and try your yummy goodies. Offer free cookie or cake samples, and you will have people hooked to your products at no time.

bakery benefit

People will try out your goods and when they do and they fall in love with everything that comes out of your kitchen, they will automatically be loyal raving fans of yours.

Any time he or she happens to go by your store and they smell that fresh bread in the oven or see the delicious cupcakes or doughnuts in your display cases, they will not have any other choice but to take time to step in and treat themselves to what you have to offer.

The more people that see your store and hear about the high-quality products your are turning out, the bigger your loyal customer base will be and you will be surprised at how frequently people are visiting your store whether it be for a morning bagel or to place an order for a special occasion.

2.) Location location location

The truth is that no matter who they are or what they do for a living, people just cannot say no when it comes to being tempted by the amazing smells of baked goods.

They smell your bakery filled with these aromas and just have to come in and have a look around, but of course, usually end up getting themselves a sweet treat while they are there.

advantages of bakery business

The easier your business is to get too, the more people will be willing to stop what they are doing and check you out, and keep coming back.

New bakeries have a hard time getting started and making a profit, and the culprit is usually the fact that people cannot reach them easily.

People want easy, people want to go somewhere that feels warm and inviting, and if you give them that along with high-quality baked goods, then you will not only succeed but will see your profits go up.

3.) The market needs niche bakeries

At one point in time, it was popular for bakeries to have a little bit of everything from bread and doughnuts to flavored popcorn and every flavor of cookie.

Nowadays though, it seems that individuals need bakeries that offer more specialized products that they may not be able to find anywhere else.

For example, the amount of people who have gone gluten-free is rising, but the baked goods that are found at traditional bakeries are filled with ingredients that have gluten in them meaning they are very limited on the things they can have.

If you choose to open a bakery that has a special niche, then you will have done what other people cannot or will not do for their customers. For example a gluten-free bakery.

A niche bakery that specializes in whatever you know is a need in your community will help you build an instant relationship with your community and people will continue to choose you over others time and time again.


Starting your own bakery, whether it be in-store or out of your home, is going to have its challenges. There will be a lot of work that has to go into it, and the hours are going to be long, especially if you are a bakery that offers breakfast pastries to early morning commuters.

However, if you work hard you will see all of your efforts turn your dream into a reality. You will be able to see your own business flourish and do things that you only ever imagined. You will have full-reign and be able to create things that people cannot get anywhere else.

The work will be hard, but the joy you get out of following your passion and making people in your community happy will be worth far more than any other profit you could ever bring in.


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