Baked Goods for Breakfast

Is it just us or does eating the same ole thing for breakfast every day start to get old after a while? Eggs and oatmeal certainly are not bad by any means, but there is only so much you can do with eggs and other breakfast items before it gets old and starts to taste the same day after day.

Thankfully there is a huge list of amazing, delicious, and different types of baked goods that are actually healthy and taste good! These awesome baked breakfast goods are a great way to start the morning off, and will keep you filled up and energized so you can start the day off on the right foot.

1. Baked scones with almonds and strawberries

Scones are often very heavy and sit on the stomach for quite a while after you eat them, but these scones are light and not as dense as others are. In order to get a light and fluffy texture, bake these strawberry almond scones with pastry flour and you will be amazed at the tenderness! If you are not a huge fan of almonds, go ahead and throw in extra strawberries for a fruit-filled light and delicate morning meal!

2. Raspberry sweet rolls...puts cinnamon rolls to shame!

This is a favorite for people who love something sweet and savory throughout the entire year, and these raspberry sweet rolls are perfect whether you eat them in the winter or summer. Let's be honest, raspberries are a fruit that are just far superior to other fruits, mix them in with a sweet yeast roll and you get a fun, delicious, sweet breakfast that takes an ordinary cinnamon bun to the next level. You will be amazed at how fast you and your family scarf these puppies down!

3. Zucchini bread with yogurt and walnuts

One of the best baked goods you can have in the morning is moist zucchini bread that falls apart in your mouth and makes you drool at the thought of it. It is healthy on its own, but add in walnuts and you're just giving your heart the healthy kick it needs to really start your day off the healthy way. Using yogurt instead of butters or oils makes the bread moist without any additional, unnecessary fats.

4. Giant biscuits (with jelly, syrup, and/or honey of course)

Imagine going down to the Saturday farmer's market or taking a stroll through town and having the smell of fresh biscuits come out and hit your nose. You know that you will instantly start to clamor and run towards them! The good news is that you can make these at home and enjoy them every morning if you want too! Just distribute the dough a little further and make sure butter is evenly distributed so you get the light, extra flaky texture to it! Choose a different filling like jelly, jam, fruit, butter, honey, syrup, bacon, sausage, etc. and it will be a new treat every day!

5. Spanish tortilla filled with mint and yogurt

© John Kernick

This dish is really similar to that of a nice frittata, and this little frittata does not do any messing around that is for sure! This little dish is hearty and filling, but also incredibly light and leaves your mouth with a lovely minty taste that is refreshing after a big meal!

6. Nutella swirl pound cake

Going back to the sweet stuff, nutella pound cake is a beautiful breakfast that tastes as good as it looks! This is great with your first cup of coffee in the mornings, or even as a mid-day snack served with coffee or chocolate ice cream. This is not necessarily a hearty baked breakfast, but it is one that will put a smile on your face and will make you satisfied every time.

7. Baked chorizo, potatoes, and eggs

You may be thinking that having your breakfast baked means that it has to be something that is sweet and sugary. However, it can also be savory and hearty for those who are not too huge on sweet stuff. This treat has a whole bunch of hearty chorizo crumbled up, potatoes that have been baked long enough to be crispy but not burnt, and eggs baked right in there with it. This is definitely something to eat when you are facing a long day ahead of you as it will keep you all filled up and focused for the day ahead.

8. Bacon, Tomato, egg, and cheese breakfast bake

© Fredrika Stjärne

This is a baked morning dish that has a little bit of crunch from the bacon, a lovely vegetable element that comes from the tomatoes, and is set apart from other breakfast bakes with the runny eggs that are on top. It is made to cook low and slow in a baking dish, so it has a crisp bottom and cheesy, chewy middle section. It is the perfect filling way to start your day and has so much protein that you'll feel full and energized all morning long.

9. Frittata with leeks and yukon gold potatoes

This little meal is crispy and gives you layer after layer of extra creamy textures. It is so soft with the cheese in the middle. but hearty and filling with the potatoes and leeks in them...and you just cannot go wrong when it comes to anything with cheese baked into it! This is a perfect baked treat for breakfast or brunch!

10. Protein muffins with chocolate chips and bananas

When it comes to these muffins, they are a lot like regular banana bread that is dense, delicious, and a perfect way to get rid of overripe bananas that no one else is going to eat on their own. When you add in chocolate for some sweetness and protein powder, you get a baked breakfast that is sweet and full of protein and potassium so you feel energized and full for a longer amount of time. An added bonus is that the protein will help encourage healthy muscles to grow and increase your metabolism!

Breakfast does not have to be stale or boring, get adventurous and dare to try out one of the many ideas we have included below!

12. Zucchini spice bread

13. Banana bread with walnuts and chocolate chips

14. Coffee and banana bread

15. Cheese and fruit danish (with fruit glaze and sprinkles on top!)

16. Apple crisp with only vegan ingredients

17. Galettes with heirloom tomatoes

18. Chocolate and zucchini bread made from almond flour

19. Almond butter cookies with sea salt, chocolate chips, and no flour

20. Blueberry and lemon muffins

21. Quiche stuffed with goat cheese, caramelized onions, and thyme

22. Chunky raspberry and honey granola

23. Gingerbread cookies made with almond flour

24. Sweet potato biscuits that are flaky and filling

25. Olive bread that doesn't have to be kneaded

26. Pumpkin muffins made with almond flour

27. Crisps made with strawberry rhubarb

28. Tart of goat cheese, mushrooms, and asparagus

29. Whole wheat biscuits with cinnamon butter and honey

30. Pumpkin and oatmeal muffins sweetened with maple syrup

31. Tart made with heirloom tomatoes and ricotta cheese

32. Cornbread muffins with cheddar and scallions for an extra razzle dazzle

33. Muffin pan potatoes with spinach and goat cheese

34. Apple crumble made the healthy way

35. Coconut cupcakes with carrots and sweetened with maple syrup

36. Blueberry raspberry muffins made without any flour

37. Nut bread loaf with pumpkin and cranberries to sweeten it

38. Oatmeal baked with date butter and apples

39. Fresh scones with blueberry and lemons

40. Fully loaded bars loaded with everything good for your body!

41. Phyllo rolls with cheese and parsley inside

42. Olive cake with feta cheese and Kalamata olives

43. Brioche French toast topped with fresh berries and caramel sauce

44. Pull-apart bread with pumpkin and cinnamon

45. Coffee cake with mango and coconut topping

46. Baked cinnamon doughnuts with a vanilla bean glaze on top

47. Yogurt and molasses bread filled with walnuts and dried figs

48. Peanut butter and oatmeal blobs with chocolate morsels

49. No bake oatmeal protein balls

50. Coconut and blueberry protein muffins

After reading through all of those options, do you still think breakfast has to be boring or that you have to eat the same ole thing every single day? We firmly believe that it can be easy and fun to open your world up to more than just your typical eggs and bacon routine.

As you can see there are literally hundreds of baked goodies out there that are easy to make, and taste good too. And an added perk is that many of the baked goods that can be found as staples all around the world are as healthy as they are delicious. No more muddling through it and settling for a bowl of cereal, get in the kitchen, get creative, and you will never look back!