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Can I run a food business from home if I have pets?

This is a question that is asked surprisingly often by people who want to start a bakery out of their home but are hesitant to do so because they have pets that they consider to be a part of their family in the home.

Can I run a food business from home if I have pets

This can be something that is a big concern to a lot of people as most pets are considered to be a part of their family. They simply cannot give up something that they love so much just to open a business.

Unfortunately, but for good reason, there are pretty strict laws when it comes to having animals in the same indoor space where you are baking. Cottage food laws, in particular, requires your baking space to be completely animal-free and that all of your supplies and baking tools are stored in an animal-free area as well.

Customers more than likely do not want to hear about all of the animals that you have inside of your home in the same baking area where you are baking their cakes and treats. It is not savory to think about possible pet hair flying around the baking space where it could get into their food.

This means that even when you are not baking for clients, you need your dogs or cats to be put in an area of the home where they are nowhere near the kitchen and do not have access to it.

What are the laws when it comes to indoor pets

Public health departments are incredibly strict on this issue and are the better place to go and get this question answered. If the health department were to come out and find that you had your pets in the same area that you are cooking in, then they will more than likely shut your home bakery down.

These Public Health laws are different in every state and town which means that you should go to your local administrator and ask them for the rules and regulations for your area when it comes to having your pets inside.

Home bakery pets

It is important to do your research and hear the rules straight from the local authorities, but if you are in your initial research phase, you can find some of the preliminary answers that you are looking for in other places.

Most states do allow you to have your pets inside of your home when you run a bakery out of it as long as you have a door, gate, or other obstacle put in place that keeps your pet out of the area completely so that they cannot contaminate the area.


The bottom line is that as long as you look over the laws for your state, talk to your state's licensing department, and make sure that your pets are always put away out of sight when a customer comes over to pick up their orders from your house. It is also always a wise decision to be upfront with your customers and let them know what type of animals you have in the house and inform them of the steps you take to keep them away from their baked goods.


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