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Do I Need a Food Hygiene Certificate for Home Baking?

All businesses that have to do with food, whether they are based out of restaurants, cafes, bakeries, or your own home have to meet certain requirements in order to be open legally.

Food Hygiene Certificate for Home Baking

This means that they have to have certain certificates and licenses in order to be open and be considered on the right side of things. If you are opening a bakery out of your home then you may be wondering "What food hygiene certificate do I need to sell cakes from home?"

Below is a guide to everything you need in order to get started and make sure your home bakery is on the right track from start to finish.

Food and drink:

If you are going to be making any treats that have any type of alcohol in them like pink champagne cupcakes, Jack Daniel cupcakes, catering weddings where you bring the cakes and champagne, or if you are serving any type of pastry that has to be made and served immediately, then you will need a food and drink license.

You will have to speak to your local food authorities and find out which ones are appropriate based on what state and city you live in.

What are the food hygiene certification levels?

There are three different food hygiene certification levels.

  1. The first level is the most basic certification and gives the person only a basic understanding of food safety.

  2. Level 2 is a more comprehensive certification that gives the baker a well-rounded understanding of all food safety laws and best practices.

  3. The final level, level 3, is aimed towards managers or supervisors in large restaurant establishment which means it is likely not something a person would need when working out of their own home.

Best certification level for home bakery owners

The level two food safety and hygiene certificate will teach you all about food safety and how to legally bake for people so all of the food comes out safe and healthy to eat.

This certificate will satisfy any legal obligations you have and will give you all of the food safety training that you need to operate correctly.

It is incredibly easy to take an online course and obtain this certificate so you can get to baking in your kitchen and have all of your raving customers enjoying your yummy baked goods in no time.

While you may have the tools and the skills down pat, it is important to get all of the certificates you need to make sure you are legally ready for business as well!


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