French Bakery Items

When you think of France, most people think of all the delicious breads and ice creams, and of course their famous baked goods that are better than any dessert you can find anywhere else. French baked desserts are just about as good as you can get and they leave your sweet tooth both satisfied and ready for the next time that you get to have some more.

There are so many French baked goodies out there that are amazing to eat, and it can be hard to pick just one to try out. We have compiled a list of some amazing baked French pastries that are easy to bake in your own kitchen and will never fail to put a smile on your face.

1. Mille-feuille with strawberries that are roasted and topped with mascarpone

You will win all the hearts of people over when you serve them this dessert. It is layers and layers of thin pastries topped with an irresistible strawberry syrup with real strawberries in it. It is traditionally a very romantic dessert but is so good that you can eat it and turn any ordinary day of the week into something special.

2. Madeleines with lime sugar and grapefruit icing drizzled on top

This little pastry is as pretty as it sounds with cute designs that make it look flowery and beautiful. It is bursting with fresh citrus flavors which makes it the perfect dessert to end a hot summer's day!

3. Tarte Tatin with apples, gin, and juniper

An apple tarte tatin is an extremely traditional and classic dessert in France that everyone grows up knowing and loving. However, when you add in the gin and the juniper to the party, you put a fresh spin on a classic that keeps it new but remains something that you love. You cannot go wrong with this classic recipe!

4. Eclairs with cherry and rose filling

If you have ever been to a French bakery, then you have probably noticed cases and cases of different flavored eclairs as they are extremely popular. And why would they not be? Eclairs are amazing no matter what type you try. However, cherry and rose eclairs are a twist on a popular treat that not many people see coming. It makes the dessert fresh, light, and just a bit tart so you are left feeling as though you just had a lovely light snack and not something too sweet and heavy. This beautifully baked treat is the perfect way to treat yourself and give yourself a little something extra special.

5. Salted Honey, pear, and chocolate tarte tatin


This baked French dessert is one for all of the chocolate lovers out there who want their fill of chocolate while still trying something a little bit new. This is a crispy pastry that comes together to create something totally and completely delicious. The chocolate in the tarte compliments the salted caramel and helps to bring out its flavors without making it too overpowering. While the walnuts and roasted pears make it a bit sweeter and give it an extra crunch that makes you smile with every single bite you take.

6. Pumpkin and chocolate eclairs

This is another twist on the famous eclair recipes that most people probably do not see coming. Eclairs covered with a whipped pumpkin icing and chocolate drizzled on top, or covered in chocolate icing with roasted pumpkin seeds. This is a recipe that is totally out of the normal, and not one that most people would thing of, but when you bite into a pumpkin and chocolate eclair, you will be so glad you ordered the delicious flavor combination.

7. Classic custard with poached pears

Pears pair well with other ingredients that bring out the tartness without making the dessert too tart or sour to eat. Poached pears with hokey pokey custard is a perfect balance between tart and savory. It is a perfect fall recipe, or for any time of year for that matter. You will need a sugar thermometer to make this recipe, but that extra step is totally worth the time you spend on it! You and the entire family will love ending the day with this fruity, tarty, savory baked dessert.

8. Caramel cake with apple and cinnamon

Everyone loves a traditional, good apple pie. Apple pie is a favorite dessert for people all around the world! However, combining the flavors of a favorite apple pie and a traditional cream caramel cake you get a favorite that is so decadent that you will not be able to put down your fork. It is a creamy cake that fills your mouth with caramel and apple goodness, with just a little kick from the cinnamon that makes it warm and puts you back in your childhood kitchen where your mother made her famous apple pie for you. This is a beautiful twist on a timeless recipe that will make you feel nostalgic and excited about something new at the same time.

9. Brown sugar Meringues topped off with a white chocolate mousse and a coffee syrup

Brown sugar meringues look like they are super complicated to make, but they are super simple and ultra delicious. Once topped off with a white chocolate mousse and a coffee syrup drizzled over everything they look downright amazing. The meringues are perfect and delicious without the topping, but to make it extra fancy, add in the syrup and chocolate mousse and see everyone's jaws drop at how beautiful they look and how wonderful they taste.

10. Crêpes with banana, rum, and hazelnut

This baked French pastry is so light and refreshing that you do not have to save it just for dessert, you can finally say yes to having dessert for breakfast and not feeling guilty about it! The hazelnut gives it a perfect crunch while the rum and bananas make it sweet and savory. Perfect in the evenings after dinner or in the mornings topped with syrup and accompanied by a nice hot cup of coffee.

The list above is extensive and every single dessert there is savory, sweet, and traditional to the area of France. Thankfully, you do not have to travel all the way to France to feel like you are already there. Eating any one of the recipes above will transport you there no matter where you are in the world. If the French bakery items above are not enough, grab more inspiration from the extended list below! You cannot go wrong with any of them!

11. White chocolate tart with custard and nutmeg

12. Plum clafoutis

13. Coconut crepes with maple ricotta and fresh strawberries

14. Golden syrup and caramel creme

15. Rum and vanilla caramelized custard - Canelé

16. Caramel, white chocolate, and sesame eclairs

17. Maple macarons with maple syrup filling

18. Peach and apricot soufflé

19.Banana and chocolate soufflé

20. Mille-feuille with fresh berries (any kind of your preference) and a nice chamomile cream

21. Crème Brûlée with rhubarb and pomegranate molasses

22. Walnut filled crème brûlée served with walnut Florentines

23. Peach tarte tatin

24. Lemon Curd Cream crêpe cake