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Home Baking Business Ideas

Is baking one of your favorite past-times? Do you genuinely enjoy being in the kitchen and making your home smell like the entire place is made out of cookies and cake?

Perhaps, when you make baked goodies for other people they eat your baked goods and cannot stop raving about how good everything you make is, how pretty it looks, and how they wish they could have your food any time they want.

If this is the case, then it may be worth looking into starting your own bakery right out of your own home kitchen.

Home Baking Business Ideas

If you are starting to think about building your own business right out of your home, then there are several types of bakeries you could consider starting.

Following the guide below with different home based business ideas will help you narrow down what you are good at and how best to showcase your skills and talents as a new professional home baker.

There is not just a one size fits all type of bakery, they can actually come in all different types and sizes which is one reason the competition can be fierce and it can be very difficult to find your niche and stand out among others. This is especially true if you are starting a bakery out of your home.

One of the best ways to stand out among the competition and create a loyal customer base is to create a bakery that only options certain things. Create a specialty bakery and you will create practically endless options for your customers to choose from.

1. Bread and savory pastries

Whenever you have a bakery that is dedicated to just bread and pastries you will have the ability to focus on pushing out a product in large quantities at prices that are very affordable.

People are always looking for fresh bread to eat whether it be for breakfast toast or fresh bread to make sandwiches with, meaning quality bread in all different flavors is always in demand.

home based baking business ideas

At the same time, people often look for savory pastries such as scones or croissants that they can have for themselves or that they can buy from you and then sell in their own restaurants or small business.

This type of home bakery will be fairly easy as you can push a lot of products out on a regular basis but with low overhead as all of the ingredients for breads are fairly inexpensive and few ingredients can make large batches of treats.

The only drawback with a bread and pastry bakery is the fact that the process can become mundane over time as you do the same process for almost every product. However, the niche sets you apart from others and will drive more customers to you!

2. Bake wedding cakes exclusively

One of the most important cakes a person will ever buy is his or her wedding cake. This is the cake that people remember for years and they tend to talk about their wedding cake and the person who made their wedding cake to people in their life who are about to get married themselves which will end up driving more business to your home bakery.

There are millions of weddings that happen every year and more than likely each of those weddings will use at least one cake if not more. If you take the time to learn how to do very detailed, elegant cake decorations on your own in your home, then this can definitely be a winning option for a home bakery.

And, what is better than to be able to play a big role in a couple's love story that you will all remember forever.

3. A home bakery filled with Cookies Galore

Cooking cookies out of your home is perhaps one of the easiest baking niches that you can choose.

home baking ideas

Whether it is summertime when people are constantly ordering fresh light cookie flavors such as lemon or blueberry cookies or tea cakes to go with their summer cookouts, or if it is the Christmas season when people are constantly ordering large quantities of cookies for parties or gifts.

There are literally thousands of creative ideas that you can do with cookies and once you become known as the local cookie baker, people will come to your home for orders big and small. Cookies are always on-trend, perfect for any occasion, and can be made very quickly and in bulk as they store well.

Since you can make cookies in bulk and they are very versatile, this is the perfect home baking business if you want something that everyone wants but is low-maintenance, allows you to be creative, and has a low overhead cost.

4. Take your home business to the streets

Your home based business is a great way to get started.

However, if your home baking business is succeeding and growing, then it may be time to get ready to expand by getting a food truck.

ideas home bakery

Food trucks are a great option for your business as it has a low overhead, but gives you a huge amount of freedom to literally move your business around and get your business in front of new people almost every day.

You will still have to prepare and stock up your goodies in your own kitchen, but once you get the hang of baking all of your sweet treats in bulk and storing them in your food truck, this is a great, easy way to expand your business in no time.

5. Put your bakery business online

In this day and age of social media and technology, it is nearly impossible for any business to survive without using social media or a website to their advantage, and the same goes for your home-based baking business.

Put your business online using a standard website or a social media outlet and it will allow your business to boom. People will be able to see what you can make, they can go through stock photos of your older creations, and will be able to contact you and put in an order with ease.

home bakery online

The easier it is for people to order from you, the more likely they are to order from you more often and tell their friends about you which will help your business grow and spread like wildfire.


Once you find what you are exceptional at creating, you can start having fun with it and making creations in your specific niche that people will flock too and order over and over.

Even though your business is run out of your home you will still be responsible for making sure you are registered as a legitimate business and that you operate to the highest food-safety standards.

As long as you invest into your business, invest into your self and stay on top of creating the best baked goodies possible, your business will grow. You will meet some incredible customers who can help you network and continue to grow your business, and you will find that you will create amazing friendships along the way.

The above is a lot of information and there is a lot to think about when it comes to building up your ideal bakery in your home, but if you work hard and create a niche that makes you stand out from others, then there is no reason that you cannot be incredibly successful and become a small, but popular home-based business in no time.


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