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How to Promote A Home Baking Business

For people who have decided that they want to follow their own path or march to their own beat and start a home baking business right from the comfort of their own home, the biggest thing they have to consider is the number of customers they have and how they can grow their business.

Spreading the word about your business is perhaps the biggest thing to consider as it literally determines whether your business succeeds or not.

How to Promote A Home Baking Business

There are several different marketing techniques that you can do to help get your new home based bakery off the ground.

As a home baker, you may not have much money starting out to invest in marketing, or time to learn how to do extremely detailed marketing techniques.

Below are a few marketing techniques that will allow you to market your home bakery without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to do it.

1. Business cards that you made yourself

You can make your own business cards that look classy, professional, and attractive to look at all at the same time.

All you need to do is go to your local office supply store and buy a few packs of plain business card sheets and some markers.

Take them home and get to work on creating your own business cards that embody your style and what your business offers or is all about.

As soon as you finish your homemade business cards, start handing them out to everyone in your circle and the people that you meet. Include a few business cards with every order that goes out of your door.

This is a very inexpensive way to get the word out about your business and costs much less than going to a professional printer and having them print a business card out for you.

2. Make flyers to hand out

Promote A Home Baking Business
  • You can go to any local supermarket and find a designer paper that is decorated in baked goods or with another culinary theme that goes with your bakery's message.

  • Get this paper and load it into your printer.

  • Next, you will create a flyer on your computer that looks professional yet creative and is very easy to read and catchy.

  • You will print this flyer out on your designer paper and you instantly have a great looking flyer.

  • Put your flyers in grocery stores, gyms, laundromats, coffee shops, offices, hand them out to people passing you by on the street, etc.

People will see your flyer and be drawn in and excited to try your home bakery out. If you pay as much attention to detail on the flyer as you do to your baked goods, no one will be able to resist trying you out!

3. Hand out free samples

How to Promote your Home Baking Business

Free samples are perhaps the best type of marketing strategy that you can do for your business, and one of the easiest too.

What better way to show people what you can do in the kitchen than to let them try your baked goods out for themselves.

  • Figure out what your specialty is or what your most popular selling item is, and bake up a few batches of the product.

  • Once they are baked, cut them into small bite-sized pieces for people to try.

  • Leave your samples in local mom and pop business, local coffee stores, hand them out outside of grocery store, etc.

Once people see how pretty your baked goods look and how delicious they taste, they will be racing to use your home bakery for the next time they have a special occasion. It is important to remember to leave a stack of business cards and/or flyers with your samples so that people know how to contact you and place an order.

4. Set up a booth at a flea market

marketing a home bakery

Flea markets are visited by hundreds of people every single day, and even more, people come through there over the weekend to shop and just enjoy spending their day looking around.

Talk to your local flea market to rent a booth out. Have a day where you bake up some of your specialties and wrap each goody up in individual packets that can be set up at your booth.

People love to have access to snacks and tasty homemade treats when they are shopping, and other merchants at the market will see your goods and have to try them out as well.

This is a great way to drum up a brand new customer base and have people spread the word about you.

5. Use social media to your advantage

Social media is everywhere, and almost everyone uses at least one type of social media platform.

Home Bakery advertising

This is perhaps one of the most powerful tools in your toolbelt as it is completely free to use and can reach more people than you could in any other way.

You can post pictures of everything you bake so people can see what you can do, you can create raffles and giveaways to get people involved and interacting with your business, have loyal customers write rave reviews about your products and share your posts so it spreads word of mouth.

If you use social media wisely you can advertise your business easier than ever.


You can choose to do just one or several of these marketing techniques together as a way to advertise and promote your home based bakery. Whichever method you choose to use, you can be sure that you will get your bakery the attention it needs to take off and keep growing without having to spend an arm and a leg to do it!


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