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Is Cheesecake A Pie or A Cake?

There has been a very important debate happening in kitchens all over the world for many decades now that has been known to tear people apart. The topic of this discussion is what a cheesecake really is... is it a cake or is it a pie?

Is Cheesecake A Pie or A Cake

It has cake in the name, but most people would agree that it has the texture and similar shape as a pie, so what is it? How can we end this age-long debate once and for all?

In order to settle this debate that can pull families apart, it is important to find factual aspects of the argument so you can get to the bottom of the truth. If you go to your bookshelf and dust off your old dictionaries, you will find that a pie is defined as a dessert that has a shell or crust on the bottom and is filled with a custard, tart, or pastry. Meanwhile, a cake is a pastry that is made out of a dough or batter and is baked into a flat shape with all sides being very soft after being made, almost like bread.

Is Cheesecake A Pie or A Cake

If you go by these terms alone, it is clear to see that even though "cake" may be in the name, a cheesecake just simply is not a cake at all. For one, it is not made out of a batter, it is not a bread-like and soft at the end, and there is a crust or shell that the filling sits in. So, now we know that it is not really a cake but that still leaves us wondering what type o category we should put this soft and delicious dessert under.

Most professional and world-renowned chefs from around the world say that cheesecakes fall into the category of a pie or a tart. Numerous opinions say that, like a pie or tart, cheesecakes have a crust or a pastry shell on the bottom in which something can be held. Then, you take the filling and put it in the pastry shell or crust.

You also have to bake a cheesecake, as you do a pie, for it to come together, but the sweet filling continues to remain soft after coming out of the oven. the structure of a cheesecake seriously lends itself to being more like a cake than a pie.


Most experts would say that cheesecake falls under either the pie/tart category instead of a cake one. Do you agree or do you still think it is a cake as the name suggests?


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