Why You'll Love Leaving A Big Bakery and Opening A Home Bakery

So, you are a baker in a big-time bakery store!

The question about your job as a baker in a bakery is whether or not you are really truly enjoying yourself and growing where you work.

  • Are you being challenged?

  • Do you get to create things the way you really want to create them?

  • Do you have freedom over your hours and who you get to pick as clients?

The answer is more than likely no.

Leaving A Big Bakery and Opening A Home Bakery

There can be a lot of benefits in working in an established bakery instead of having your own out of your home.

You probably get benefits and set hours where you know for a fact you will be making a set amount of dollars every time you clock in for work, and you know that there will more than likely be a steady stream of customers coming in the door so you do not have to worry about marketing yourself or being concerned about where your money is coming in.

When you work in a big time bakery that is already well established, you do not have to worry about buying your own equipment or investing in high-dollar tools that you might need to do large orders.

You also will have the space to cook pastries and baked goods in bulk with ease whereas that would be more of a challenge when working in a smaller space like your home.

While there are clearly many benefits when it comes to staying at your job in an established bakery, there are plenty of reasons to take the leap of faith and leave your safety net in order to start your own bakery out of your home. It can be a scary change, but once you take that step and really go for it, you will never look back and will be more proud of yourself than ever.

Below are just a few of the benefits you will get out of leaving your job in the corporate world and taking the chance on opening your own home bakery!

You get to pursue your passion

If you have been baking for someone else and you truly love it and enjoy it, then why would you not want to bake on your own terms?

Very few people in the world have a passion that they enjoy and are good at that can actually make them money.

Leaving A Big Bakery

If you enjoy baking in the kitchen, decorating your pastries and baked goods, creating masterpieces for your clients, and love nothing more than to see your client's faces light up when they get to see and taste what you made for them, then opening your own bakery may just be your calling.

You will be able to make only the things you love to make, create HOW you want to create, and turn your passion into a viable business.

If you have a chance, even if it is a small shot, you should not pass it up as you may be left wondering for the rest of your life whether or not you could have done it.

You get to learn how businesses open and run smoothly

While being an employee at an established bakery is a great thing and can definitely teach you some management skills, working for someone else will always have limits and you will only be able to grow so much and learn so many things.

Actually starting up your business can be really intimidating, especially if you do not have any experience or have not gone through anything such as business school.

You will be on your own to learn how to actually open your store, what permits you will need to get based on what area you live in, what licenses you have to have when baking out of your home, how to budget properly, etc.

Having to learn these things definitely is not something bad, though it can be stressful. It can be hard some days but if you keep an open mind and accept help, it can be a more enjoyable experience.

Leaving A Big Bakery to Open A Home Bakery

You more than likely will have to spend a lot of time in the learning stages and gathering everything you need, but if you continue pressing on and do not give up, you will be able to carry a lot of pride once you get to see your home bakery dreams come to fruition.

Once you gain these valuable skills and open shop, you then get to learn everything it takes to run a business. You will learn how much of your earnings to take and pay yourself and how much of it you will need to reinvest in your company so you can do things like buy tools, equipment, and baking supplies that you need to fill orders.

After you learn these skills and continue growing your home baking business, there will be nothing that can stand in your way from expanding what you offer, opening up more locations, taking the business in a new direction or anything else you can think of.

You will learn so much, and enjoy being so capable, that you will never want to stop your growth and share what you learn with others that are trying to do the same type of business endeavor.

You will be able to be as creative as you want with your baked goods

Whenever you work at an established bakery, you have to bake and decorate exactly as your boss tells you to do it, when they tell you to do it.

They will teach you the methods that they want you to learn and use on the baked goods and you will have to comply. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be very restricting. You will not be able to create or expand your decorating and baking skills to what you can really do.

Leave Bakery Open A Home Bakery

Opening a bakery out of your own home gives you the ability to take classes and learn new techniques for baking.

You can bake pastries from around the world and offer people something unique that they cannot find anywhere else. You can take orders from clients and turn them into something of your own creation that is even better than what they originally imagined.

Taking a leap of faith and stepping out to open your own home bakery also means that you are stepping out of the norm and giving yourself the freedom to imagine and create just about anything you can think of.

Let yourself imagine like you did when you were a kid! Set yourself free from the norm and do something no one else has ever seen.

You have the freedom and ability to say yes or no to taking on a new customer

Working as an employee in someone else's bakery means that you do not get to turn away a customer.

As an employee, whoever the owner wants to take on as a customer you will have to oblige and do the best work that you can do for them. Even if you do not like the customer or know that what they are asking for is far too complicated, the choice is not yours.

It is ultimately your employer's decision as to who they take as customers and who they do not.

When you open your own home bakery, those decisions and that freedom become yours.

You get to tell someone that you cannot take on their order and possibly refer them to someone else.

Why You'll Love Leaving A large Bakery for A Home Bakery

You get to decide whether or not an order is too intricate to attempt.

When you start your own home bakery you give yourself a freedom that you just cannot find as someone else's employee.

You do not have to answer to a boss for work hours any longer

When you open your own home bakery business, you finally have to stop clocking in!

Working for the man means that, even though your job may be stable, you still have to answer to the man.

You have to drive to work every day and clock in by a certain time and stay there for as long as your employer tells you your shift will last.

Your hours of the day during work are not your own!

You give yourself that freedom when you decide to sever the ties with business and start your own!

You finally have the freedom to decide what time you will start work and how many hours you will work every day.

You get to choose whether or not you will use your phone, listen to music, or watch tv while you bake and decorate.

You get to decide when you want to take a vacation without asking your boss for approval and you can decide whether or not to go into work when you are feeling a little down in the dumps physically.

Working for someone else means that those decisions are made for you and you get penalized any time your life gets in the way and you mess up which could lead to you losing your job. In fact, when you open your own home bakery business, you may find that you have so much freedom that you do not know what to do with it!

You know that bakeries are popular in the market

If you are working as an employee in a bakery then you probably have realized that people are going to walk by the store, smell the pastries and other baked goods baking in the oven, and be unable to resist the temptation of walking in and buying something.

Cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, bread, etc. are things that people of all ages and races want to dig into every chance they get.

 Leave your Big Bakery

It is also always someone's birthday and they will need cookies, cakes, or cupcakes to go with their birthday party.

Holidays come around every year meaning you always have a chance to make all the baked goodies for holiday parties or yummy pastries for gifts.

This should tell you that there is always a lot of demand for baked goods which means the market is sustainable enough to keep you in business and making good profits.

As long as you put out a really good product and take pride in your work, then you will be able to build up a loyal customer base who will tell their friends and family about your business.

This will keep you in business and will help you thrive as more and more people hear about you!

You do not have to be a huge business starting out

A home bakery business does not have to have multiple locations or commercial sized equipment in order to start out!

All you will need is enough counter space and a working oven and all the pots and pans you need to get started.

Leaving A Big Bakery and start A Home Bakery

When you bake out of your home, you do not need a huge display case to show off all of your goodies. Just make sure you have a cute area set up so that you can take professional-style pictures of everything you make so people can get a good look at your product and be tempted to buy from you.

It is also very important to make sure that your kitchen, big or small, is always kept squeaky clean and that you work according to food safety guidelines so as to avoid any type of contamination with your baked goods.

Baking out of your home also means that you get to save on capital costs. You do not have to buy shelves upon shelves for tools, you do not have to pay rent for a commercial kitchen, you can use your regular sized refrigerator to store the cakes and cupcakes in after they are finished, etc.