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4 Myths About Opening A Home Bakery

The concept of owning a home-based bakery sounds like a lot of fun and like a business that could really take off and give you a lot of profit. You could do just about anything you wanted to do with it and it could look exactly like you wanted it to look.

Myths About Opening A Home Bakery

As enticing as owning a home bakery sounds, it is important to keep in mind that you will have your ups and you will have your downs with the business, just as every business owner does. But if you keep at it and put in the work you will be exceedingly grateful and so proud of your little bakery and the products you give to people.

One thing that really seems to keep people from chasing their dreams and opening a home bakery that they dream about is not so much the fear of failure, but the fact that they are scared of things that might not even be true.

There are so many myths circulating that people say you have to have or be able to do in order to open a bakery, and if you listen to these myths it will make you so scared that you will never follow your dreams!

Below are some of the myths you may hear once you decide to open a home bakery that could scare you unless you are informed and know better!

Myth 1: You have to have studied formally at a school

One myth is that in order to open a bakery and put out professional pastries or baked goods that people will want to buy from you, you have to go to school and study it.

The truth is that you can take a few short courses and gain some condensed learning experience quickly, there are so many tutorials online that you can watch and gain a lot of learning from, you can practice new methods on your own.

There are some weekly habits that you can learn and constantly practice that will make you the best baker and decorator that you can be and keep you on your toes and always growing.

Myth 2: You need to go to business school or get a college degree

Again, this route will take years and years to accomplish and a lot of money that you do not have to spend.

Thanks to technology you can get online and find FREE courses or very inexpensive courses that will teach you exactly what you need to know in order to open your business and succeed.

There is so much free content online directed to entrepreneurs and new business owners that will give you a wealth of knowledge and practice so that you can get off the ground and set up for success.

These courses go by quickly and are very informative meaning you do not have to spend years learning when you can learn in a few weeks or a couple of months instead.

Thanks to the internet you can learn about budgeting, profits, how to buy tools and supplies, how to hire employees, how to price your products, how to market your business so people can find you, etc.

You do not need a fancy university or institution to teach you something when you can save time and money and find courses online or at a community center near you!

Myth 3: You have to be a master baker (that knows how to use every tool and decorating technique for anyone to buy from you)

You have more than likely been on Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest, and seen pictures of amazingly huge and intricate cakes and cupcakes on there.

They are decorated with fondant that is shaped into intricate styles and colored with very detailed colors that are hard to make.

They have sugar flowers that take hours upon hours to make each individual flower and airbrushed pictures that look like pure masterpieces.

Home Bakery myths

Then you have to worry about the royal icing cookie trend that everyone seems to love. It can take several tries to get the icing consistency correct so it is not too hard or too loose so it falls right off of the cookie.

Then, you have to worry about decorating the cookie with pictures that are so intricately detailed that it seems impossible to get right.

Let me say this very clearly, This. Is. A. Myth!

You do not have to be a master chocolatier to decorate beautiful cakes. You do not have to be able to use fondant in a way that would make Picasso proud.

In fact, most regular bakers would quit before they even began if that was the case, it is just too hard and too much to learn!

In order to make a living by running a home bakery, you need products that taste glorious!

Opening A Home Bakery myths

Your cakes and cupcakes should be so moist that they melt in the customer's mouth. They should have a fresh texture that is pleasing to the palette, they should smell fresh and delicious, and they should look classy and beautiful.

A beautiful cake does not have to be filled with fondant and extra sugar. Learn some traditional decorating and piping techniques and your customers will walk away satisfied and happy!

As long as you appeal to all of your client's senses and keep your products simple and classy, then they will have a great experience and a great memory of your bakery.

Appealing to the senses and creating memories is really what it is all about and is what will keep customers coming back time after time and telling other people about you!

Myth 4: You have to spend a ton of money (on expensive tools and supplies in order to start your home bakery)

There is absolutely no need in the world to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on new expensive tools and equipment to open a home bakery.

Myths About Opening A Home based Bakery

Go to your local superstore or dollar store and get a cheap hand mixer for $10 or less, buy a few mixing bowls for a couple of dollars apiece, two 1 dozen cupcake tins, a small and a large square cake pan and a small and a large circle cake pan.

Altogether, this equipment should cost about $50 or less and that is all you need to get up and running.

Of course, you need things like an oven and a refrigerator for storage and cooling purposes but these are things that are more than likely already in your home.

As you gain new clients and your business starts making more profit, then you can begin investing in more high-end equipment, but it simply is not needed in the beginning!

You want to focus on the quality of your baked goods in the beginning instead of the aesthetics, and that will be plenty to set your business up for success!


Once you decide to liberate yourself from these myths, you can move forward with more confidence and get excited again about your new home bakery. Remember that in the beginning you should be focused solely on producing high-quality products and not grand cakes that belong in a museum. The better your product tastes, the more memorable your home bakery will be!


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