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The History of Cupcakes

Everyone loves a good cupcake how can you not? They are as cute as they are delicious and always come in the perfect size so it is not too much and not too little. Cupcakes are the perfect dessert for pretty much any occasion, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion. They are truly one of the biggest dessert sensations, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself how cupcakes came around? They are just small cakes, but how did they ever come around? Who's idea were they? Below is the history of the cupcake, a bit of a report but one that is actually fun to read!

The history of cupcakes

The earliest mention of a cupcake has been found all the way back in 1776 by a woman named Amelia Simmons. This is when the first cupcake recipe was invented and it was a very light cake that was baked in small cups, hints the name.

However, they were not called cupcakes at first. In the beginning, they were referred too as number cakes and that name stayed until about 1828 when cooking expert Eliza Leslie publishes the book with her original recipe that would one day turn into the delicious dessert we enjoy today!

The number cakes were fine for about one hundred years, but in 1871, a baker decided it was time for a re-vamp of the cakes and thus invented the second recipe for the cupcake.

the history of the cupcake

Several decades passed after the second recipe was invented, and finally, in 1919 an American bakery company known as Hostess introduced the cupcake into the commercial spotlight and thus we had the very first "snack cake" it was after that when you could find the cupcakes or "number cakes" in bakeries and restaurants and have them as a dessert.

They had a dainty appearance and were rather small, but continued to look balanced and proportionate which was the perfect thing for bakers and for consumers alike. It was as tasty as it was economical for the time. Things only got better for the cupcakes over time! Only one year later, in the 1920s, cupcakes began being frosted! People were able to find them decorated in either chocolate OR vanilla frosting, and how could you ever go back after tasting the goodness of that?

There was very little to no change in how cupcakes looked and lasted for about the next twenty years. During the World War 2 era, in the 1940s, malted icing began being used to cover the cupcake as it was less expensive but just as tasty. In 1947, cupcakes were re-designed and re-camped yet again to look and taste like what we have today. This was thanks to the work of a baker known as D.R. Rice, more commonly referred to as Doc. They were quite small until this time though they tasted similar, but D.R. Rice is the man who made them larger and began selling them in ways that look more similar to the ones we have now.

what is the history of cupcakes

Today, we know that cupcakes can come in pretty much any flavor you can dream up. From your standard vanilla and chocolate to more exotic flavors or those with creams or chocolates that ooze out when you bite into them. They can be tiny cupcakes, standard, or somewhere in the middle and everything in between thanks to the technology that we have now. While many people still prefer the good original vanilla or chocolate icing, we now decorate them in everything from buttercream frosting to cream cheese or fondant designs totally based on whatever it is that you prefer to have on top of your cupcake.

The technology that we use today has turned a basic cakey treat without high-quality taste to it into great tasting treats full of every different flavor you can think up and has decorated with just about any topping you could ever want all without compromising the quality of the cupcake or turning it into something that falls into crumbs the moment you touch it or try to take a bite. The cupcakes have been so well developed over the past few hundred years that it now allows bakers to become artists that are able to take a simple cupcake creation into an edible wonder that is truly a wonderful experience and makes any occasion that much more special and enjoyable for you!


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