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The Power of Family Recipes and Why We Love Food

Take a moment to sit back, close your eyes, and remember the days of being a child and getting to go to your grandparents house. There is nothing quite like going to bed and knowing that you are going to wake up to the best cooking ever and probably some of your very favorite foods cooked by grandma's loving hands and made just for you.

You know she would get up early to start cooking for everyone and took great care in making sure everyone got their favorites. It is times like this that helps us to remember that most of us are deeply connected with food and it sparks memories of some of the best times in our lives, leaving us with just a little smile for the day.

why family recipes are so important

Unfortunately, our world is so fast paced these days that most families are loosing their connection to food and have a hard time slowing down to make memories in the kitchen, or carry traditions that were taught to you by your grandma. How is it possible to make food all the way from scratch with meals big enough to feed an army, when you have to be on the run? Going to kids sports practices, piano practice, clean the house, work hard, grocery shop, and try to see people you care about!

The busyness of the world today simply makes it almost impossible to do big meals like grandma did. While we may not be able to make recipes like grandma used to make several decades ago, there are plenty of things we can do to get innovative and creative so as to honor our family traditions, keep the family recipes known, and to keep handing down traditions through generations.

Why cooking food is such an emotional experience

Cooking and dining with family is one of the most innocent and basic ways to find joy in life around us. Sitting down around the table with our family is fun and can also feed the soul while feeding the physical body. When we sit down and eat family recipes together, it is a way to keep the generations of our family alive as well as keeping our bodies going. When we cook and put treasured food on the table in front of us, it makes all five of our senses stand up and bring vivid memories from our childhoods back to the forefront of our minds.

Family recipes help to bring us all together and revive relationships with one another, and think back fondly of those loved ones who have passed away. It reminds us of things we all experienced together as a family, and remembers feelings of comfort, joy, a simpler time i life, happiness, and excitement. Keeping these old family recipes alive and passed down from generation to generation gives us immediate access to sweet emotions and memories that we can have anytime we feel like we need a little something extra or to feel a little bit of extra love around us.

Food leaves a legacy

There is something about food, but especially those sweet desserts that everyone looks forward too on special holidays or casual get together, that helps to keep part of the legacy alive that has been left behind by relatives. The wisdom that comes off of the pages and fills us with advice from generations past is something you cannot get from a recipe book from a bookstore.

We can see the thoughts, ideas, and creative processes that our ancestors went through to make a recipe can be handed down to children, grandchildren, and so on to help build a bridge to our loved ones that we can not see often in person or who are no longer with us. It is part of the path that helps us to create and understand who our family is and where we are from. A link that connects family members from the past and well into the future.

The Power of Family Recipes

Family recipes connect us to our heritage from many generations ago

Everyone has to eat at some point in their life, it is a basic human needs that we have to do in order to sustain life. Large meals that are passed down from generation to generation is a way to share our favorite foods from where we are from, show one way we can nurture one another, and loving on our immediate and extended family members. We can gather and remember where we are from. Collect more and more recipes as time goes by. Record part of our lives and what is happening in the world around us at the time, so that we can understand what generations before and after us experience, and to enjoy recipes passed down to you from your ancestors that are really authentic to the place where you and your family originate from.

Passing down recipes from generation to generation is a beautiful way to immortalize and honor the deep traditions that your family has. These traditional meals will help you to understand where you come from and come to help shape who you are as a person. This means that family recipes give you an outlet to make meals that are meaningful and tie you to who you are at your core. It also allows you to gain inspiration from your ancestors while creating culinary creations that have your own twist and favorite flavors in them. This takes what your family has been able to give to you while still allowing you to experiment and show off your own individuality and meaning.

Family ties are ties that cannot be broken over time. They are just about the strongest bonds that you can get and they stand strong throughout the long test of time. Cherishing and remembering these family recipes, helps to save and honor your heritage so that future generations can know about the family that came before them. Where they are from, and how they can continue to strengthen the ties and bonds as time continues to go on by.

How does dessert tie into all of this?

Think about a meal that has several courses to it. What is your favorite part of that meal? If you are anything like most people, you probably said...dessert! Of course any meal that you make from scratch that comes from a family recipe book is going to be good. But there is something about that final course that just puts a smile on everybody's face. How can you not smile or just feel a little bit more joy in your heart when you see someone bring out a big plate of cookies, or a beautiful cake with the cake and icing made from scratch.

There is just something about that moment when you start to smell cookies in the oven or watching grandma put icing on her famous red velvet cake where you just know that your day is going to be that much sweeter. Though any family recipe is sure to bring the family together, dessert is the course that makes those bonds tighter as you share laughs and beautiful memories together over a favorite family pastry and a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and milk.


As you can see from above, preserving family recipes and passing them down from generation to generation helps to keep the family bonds in tact. It strengths the bonds between family members and helps us to remember where we came from. Ancestors are able to impart their wisdom and love upon the papers while teaching the generations to come how to learn to be creative and enjoy cooking and baking in the kitchen.

What better way to honor those who have come before us than to have their memories surrounding us when making a dish they once made us in the kitchen. So, why not go to your kitchen and break out those handwritten recipes passed down to you from your favorite grandparents or great grandparents and revive those moments from childhood that you once held so dear to your heart, it will do you more good than you can ever imagine!


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