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The Top 10 Kitchen Tools That Every Baker Needs

If you have been baking for any amount of time then you have probably gone through your fair share of kitchen tools and gadgets. As you go through them and try new things, you learn which ones are best for you, and which are a waste of time or actually make the baking process more difficult. It can be hard to walk through a HomeGoods store and be able to detect exactly which tools you need and which ones you can live without and never miss.

Whether you are starting your own small bakery company out of your kitchen or you are moving into your new home and need new baking tools, you can find everything you need for a well-stocked kitchen right here on this list.


1.) Oven Thermometer

Kitchen Tools That Every Baker Needs

The fact of the matter is that even if you have an electric oven, the temperature inside your oven when you preheat it, might not be the actual temperature that you set it on. Ovens can easily become uncalibrated leading to your oven being off by ten degrees or more. Having the wrong temperature in your oven, even by a little, can cause your baked goodies to cook unevenly, burn during the estimated cook time, or not cook all the way through as it is supposed too. An oven thermometer only costs you a few dollars, but they are absolutely necessary for the kitchen, Put it in your oven and you will always have a true reading on the internal temperature.

2.) Hand mixers

baking Tools  Every Baker Needs

Stand mixers are a great thing to have in the kitchen and can certainly help with your baking endeavors, especially if you are baking enormous amounts of goods. However, for bakers who are just starting out, or those who like to mix their food to the exact consistency that they desire by using a more hands-on approach, a hand mixer is the tool you need. Hand mixers are affordable and can last for decades! Whether you are working with small or large quantities as you bake, a hand mixer can get the job done!

3.) Baking mats made out of silicone

baking Tools you Need

Most bakers recommend that you use parchment paper to line your baking pans before putting your baked goods on the pan to cook them. However, as great as parchment paper is, it is also wasteful and you go through a lot. Instead of using paper that you have to throw away after each use, invest in a silicone baking mat that you can use over and over again. All you have to do with a silicone baking mat is lay it on a cookie sheet and place your food directly on top. They are made

out of a nonstick surface and ensure that all your goodies come out baked evenly top to bottom and slide right off the pan and onto the cooling rack. It saves money, time, and gives you the perfect baked good every time.

4.) Cookie scoopers

Baking Tools Every Home Baker Needs

Get yourself some cookie scoops in every size, small to large. These scoops are an absolute necessity because not only are they great for scooping out the perfectly shaped and measured out cookies every time, they are also great to use for muffin batter, cupcake batter, the perfect pancakes, meatballs, ice cream, and so much more. They can be used to scoop the perfect amount of food and the possibilities are infinite which means you just can't beat it when it comes to tools in the kitchen.

5.) Sifters

Baking Tools Every Home Cook Needs

Many baking recipes call for you to sift some or all of your dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, etc. This step is not put into a recipe just because sifting powder is a fun past-time. Sifting your dry ingredients gets rid of lumps so your ingredients mix together evenly. Getting a sifter made of stainless steel will ensure you have one that is durable, easy to clean by just rinsing it off, and will help keep you from making a mess. A sifter is inexpensive to get and absolutely vital to have for anyone wanting to bake!

6.) Cooling racks

gadgets every baker needs

If you are just starting to bake, then you need to know that attempting to cool your goodies right on the counter or in the pan is an absolute no-no! The bottom of the baked good, such as a muffin or a cupcake, cools very slowly because air does not get down there. When air cannot get to the bottom of the goody, the baking process does not stop which means your treats will end up all wrong. Using cooling racks is a crucial step in your baking process so that the baking process stops and your goodies end up cooked evenly throughout. Every baker should have at least two cooling racks in their kitchen so that there is room for everyone to sit and get cool off.

7.) A nice, durable rolling pin

utensils every baker needs

Marble rolling pins are the absolute best type you can get. Of course, marble rolling pins are a bit of an investment but are not too costly. They stay cool to the touch so the food it is rolling out does not stick. You need a rolling pin to roll out pie crusts, cookie dough, biscuit dough, and more to an even consistency. A marble rolling pin will last forever and will give you the perfect rolled out dough every single time.

8.) Baking sheets/pans

essentials for every baker

When you start to bake you will need to stock your kitchen with at least eight different baking sheets so that you have the perfect one for every occasion or recipe. Most professional or experienced bakers recommend that you have 3 9-inch cake pans, 2 9-inch square cake pans, 2 muffin pans, 1 pie plate, 1 9x13 baking pan, 1 24-count mini muffin pan, and 1 loaf pan. These varying pan sizes are what a majority of people use most often and it gives you an option for basically any baking endeavor you decide to take on.

9.) Pastry Blenders

essential baking tools

Pastries can be a little more difficult to bake than straightforward baked goods. Pastries like pies, biscuits, scones, croissants, etc. are absolutely delicious, but absolutely almost impossible to make without a pastry blender. Your pastry blender will help break up cold butter into tiny pieces so that it can be kneaded into the other baking ingredients without mixing it in too much; this process is what allows your pastry to end up buttery and flaky. Pastry blenders are fairly inexpensive to get and they are so easy to use and make your pastry baking easier than it would be if you were using a fork to break the butter up.

10.) Don't leave out all of the spatulas and whisks!

must-have baking tools

Your whisks and spatulas are arguably the most important tools you can have in your kitchen when you start to bake, which means you need a small army of them that you can whip out at any time. Well-made, sturdy spatulas will do just about everything for you from stirring ingredients together, scraping bowls so all the ingredients get incorporated, spreading frosting, and more. Meanwhile, you need at least two whisks so you can beat foods, like eggs, into your other ingredients when you need too!


All of the above-mentioned tools are absolute necessities when you start on your baking endeavors. They will make your baking job easier, and guarantee that you come out with a perfect batch every single time.


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