Keep your sweet confections safe with the Extra-Thick Cuisiner Bakery Boxes. These durable boxes are perfect for transporting pies, cookies, donuts, and so much more. They'll keep your treats protected and provide a touch of elegance to any event. With their large clear window, everyone will be able to see your creation.

Easy to Assemble
These boxes come in a large set of 50 or 25 so that all your storage and transportation needs are taken care of. Each box is carefully folded down for your convenience. They'll need to be assembled prior to use. Luckily, the process is streamlined and simple.

Assembling a box takes only a few seconds thanks to the pre-scored fold lines. There's no need to worry about loose parts, smelly glue, or confusing instructions. The box is built as a single piece complete with a hinged lid. It's a simple design that's effective and sleek.

Strong Build
Carry your sugary confections with confidence. The Cuisiner Bakery Boxes are built with high-quality materials. While many cheaply-made alternatives use thin cardboard to cut down on costs, these boxes do not. They're made of cardboard that measures approximately 0.54 millimeters thick.

This slight increase in thickness will keep your treats safer than ever. You won't have to worry about the box collapsing. To add further support, the box is designed without any tabbed parts. The bottom utilizes a single piece of cardboard. This unique design helps to minimize vulnerable points that could dismantle or collapse with too much weight.

In Plain View
These boxes ensure that your treats are seen. They have a large viewing window that lets you see the contents of the box clearly. The window is located on the attached lid. It's made of a clear plastic film that's completely BPA-free. The window is complemented with a thick cardboard border. The border helps to enhance the appearance of the box while adding further support.

Safe and Simple Design
Whether you're a professional baker or someone that loves to make treats at home, you're going to need a box that's versatile. These boxes from Cuisiner are designed to fit with any type of decor. The simple brown cardboard exterior is completely neutral. There's no branding or unnecessary design work. This simplicity allows you to adapt the box to your changing needs. Keep it blank for a more formal event or customize it with your own designs for a bit of whimsy. The choice is yours.

The boxes measure 10 inches long by 10 inches wide. They have a height of approximately 2.5 inches tall. The large square shape easily accommodates pies, brownies, and other party treats. The boxes are safe for food thanks to the lack of branding. They're completely non-toxic and don't contain any harmful inks. The boxes are also bio-degradable for further peace of mind.

Key Features


  • Measure 10" by 10" by 2.5"
  • Comes in a pack of 50 and 25
  • Made of cardboard that measured 0.54 millimeters thick
  • Available in neutral brown color
  • Folds flat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes clear plastic window
  • BPA-free and non-toxic

Bakery Boxes 10x10x2.5 (Pack of 25 or 50)


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