Show off your sugary confections while keeping them safe from harm with the Cuisiner Cake Boxes. These boxes are made of durable cardboard and are big enough to hold a standard cake, large cupcake, or a collection of treats. With their large clear window, you can keep an eye on your creation and give recipients a glimpse of what's to come. Whether you plan on using these boxes to hold sweet gifts or as a way to package items at a bake shop, they'll keep your delicate desserts safe and free of messes.

Quality Build
With these boxes, you don't have to worry about your desserts getting damaged during transit. Each box is built with protection and quality in mind. The thick cardboard material is durable enough to hold its shape and prevent unwanted disasters. It'll keep even the most intricate icing and fondant details intact.

The cardboard used is noticeably thicker than cheaply-made alternatives. It measures roughly 0.54 millimeters thick. This added support will make all the difference. Each box comes folded down for easy storage. It's easy to assemble in only a few seconds for convenience. To make matters even easier, the body of the box and the lid are entirely separate pieces. This helps to ensure that the box is stable and doesn't collapse in on itself. When you're ready to enjoy the cake inside, simply remove the lid and unfold the sides for easier access. 

Sleek Design
With its staunch white design, these Cuisiner Cake Boxes are perfect for any occasion. They're completely neutral and free of any markings. The sleek and modern design is attractive. However, its simplicity ensures that your creation inside is at the center of attention. A clear plastic window puts your dessert on full display.

The window is made of a durable clear film. It's centered on the lid of the box and is complemented by a thick cardboard border. This border helps to frame out your confections inside while adding further support and elegance.

Versatile Use
Each box measures 12 inches wide by 12 inches long. This large square shape makes it ideal for large cakes, brownies, cookies, and much more. It has a height of 6 inches. They provide plenty of room to pile on the toppings and decorations. 

While they're great for a wide variety of different cakes and desserts, these boxes are flexible enough to be used outside the kitchen. Use them as a gift box for clothes, toys, and anything else you can fit. They'll provide the same level of protection while adding a touch of sophistication to your gift.


Key Features:

  • Measures 12" by 12" by 6" in size
  • Comes in a pack of 25
  • Made of cardboard that is 0.54 millimeters thick
  • Includes clear window with white border
  • Available in sleek neutral white
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe for food

Cuisiner Cake Boxes 12x12x6 [Pack of 25]

  • Cuisiner

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