• 🧁 PRESERVE YOUR DESSERT'S TASTE & QUALITY - Make sure your creations are in pristine condition. Prolong their shelf-life and optimal tasting condition by placing them inside our box containers.
  • 🧁 FLAUNT YOUR PASTRIES - Our boxes feature heart-shaped windows to accentuate your dessert's presentation and appeal. Let your customers and guests marvel on your appetizing confectioneries.
  • 🧁 VERSATILE USE - Our 4x4x2.5 pastry boxes allow you to store your freshly made desserts for display or storage. They're perfect for small cakes, pies, donuts, cookies and even non-food items.
  • 🧁 MORE BOXES TO WORK WITH - Each pack contains 50 pieces of bakery containers enough for your gift giveaways, baby shower treats, wedding favors and for your budding bakeshop business.
  • 🧁 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We stand by our product's quality and craftsmanship. Should you encounter any issues with your pastry boxes, don't hesitate to spring for our money-back guarantee.


Shelter your desserts inside a pastry box worthy of their taste and presentation.

The amount of effort you’ve poured in creating your confectionery masterpieces is insurmountable. Regardless of the difficulty of the dessert you’ve made, no one can argue how much you’ve dedicated your love and passion in crafting tasty and appetizing creations that will give any pastry chef a run for their money.

After adding the final touches, all that’s left to do is to show them to the world. However, pastries are particularly difficult to store—especially if you’re bound to bring them somewhere else. One wrong move and the frosting might be ruined or your cake’s structure could be deformed.

Let the world marvel on your yummy creations with Cuisiner’s Bakery Boxes!

Your delicious cakes, donuts, pies, macarons and cookies aren’t meant to be boxed in darkness. Our pastry boxes will safeguard your appetizing treats from dust exposure and contaminants while letting your family, friends and customers take a sneak peak from the heart-shaped windows that will elevate your specialty’s mouth-watering appeal.

Compared to flimsy and frail containers, our boxes possess reinforced durability that can easily hold up the weight of your sweets. Your cupcake’s caramelized fruit toppings and swirled frosting will look more scrumptious and irresistible when placed in our boxes.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons to choose our boxes over other alternatives:

✅ Sleek white and brown color for all occasions
✅ Can accommodate larger desserts
✅ Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials
✅ Bleach and chemical-free paperboard
✅ Also suitable for storing non-food items

Heart Boxes 4x4x2.5 [Pack of 50]


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